Commercial Janitorial Service Offered

Kunz Janitorial Services offers a multitude of different services. We take pride not only in keeping your facilities clean, but paying attention to the smallest of details. Your business deserves extra care and attention, and we’re happy to offer that! Honesty and trust is extremely important to our business, and we’re happy to form relationships with all of our clients to ensure they receive the service they need, and deserve, from a business with a strong knowledge of the commercial cleaning industry.

Complete Janitorial Cleaning

From top to bottom, our janitorial services are second to none for any business, big or small. We pay attention to the details, so you’ll never have to worry about your business being in top shape at all times. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy company and uphold a strong sense of professionalism – we assure you your business is in excellent hands when it comes to all your janitorial cleaning needs.


Floor & Tile Cleaning


A dirty floor can be the first thing someone notices when they walk into your building, and unfortunately, it’s very easy to have a dirty floor! With heavy traffic all day long, commercial floors really can take a beating, and get dirty very quickly. Our services will leave your floors shining, whether you need us once a week or once a day. We even provide ‘green’ cleaning services to keep your building environmentally-friendly.


Bathroom Cleaning

A dirty bathroom can certainly leave a negative impression on potential customers, and it’s never pleasant for you, or your employees to have to deal with a bathroom that is less-than-sanitary. Our services ensure a clean, sparkling bathroom every time – from toilets to sinks and floors, we clean bathrooms top to bottom, and even change out towels, toilet paper, etc. so you never have to worry about running out of the necessities in the middle of the day.


Window Cleaning

Nothing is nicer than streak-free, clean windows, especially in a large office building or retail space with display windows. Clean windows not only give people a clear view of your business, but make a great impression. Kunz ensures that your windows will have a streak-free shine that lasts, with no residue, and no smudging.


Commercial Vinyl Floor Care

VCT-Vinyl tile floors are widely used in commercial buildings of all types, but they can sometimes be hard to take care of, simply because it’s easy for them to show dirt, scuffs and dust. We’ll get your vinyl floors shining again! Our services ensure that there will be no dirt, scuffs or debris on your vinyl tile floors, and they will be left with a glossy clean mirror shine after every single cleaning. Your customers will believe that your business is brand new or just remodeled. We provide full floor refinishing services including deep vinyl tile floor cleaning, stripping, waxing, buffing and sealing.


Carpet Care

Carpet can be easier to manage than other floor coverings, but daily traffic can leave dirt and debris embedded in the fibers, and if the occasional stain pops up, it can quickly tarnish the overall feeling of cleanliness for your business. We remove carpet of all dirt, dust, and debris, and can take care of any carpet stain, no matter how big or how small. We also offer hot water extraction and dry chem carpet cleaning upon request. With years of janitorial cleaning experience, dirty carpet is no match for Kunz Janitorial!



It’s amazing how quickly dust can seem to accumulate, isn’t it? Don’t let dust sneak up on you. We meticulously check over every surface, wiping away dust from even hard-to-reach places. Less dust in your building is not only great for appearances, but can help reduce allergies and other possible breathing issues for some employees.


Construction Site Cleaning

A big project can sometimes mean a big mess, and that can be stressful if you’ve got a lot of cleanup that goes along with it. If you’ve had a construction project that has left a mess, leave it to us! We’ll handle the finishing touches and the final details to clean up debris, dust, and more! Our services will leave your property looking absolutely spotless


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